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Philly’s Top Ice Cream Catering Companies

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If you’re looking to bring the taste of Philly into your wedding reception, consider having an ice cream bar catered by one of the top ice cream spots. There are some fantastic options to choose from when it comes to the local ice cream company to cater your wedding. From new and trendy to historical old Philadelphia, we’ve selected the ice cream companies that we think you would love to be a part of your event.

Bassetts Ice Cream

A staple of Philadelphia, Bassetts has been in business since 1861 providing creamy, sweet treats to the Philadelphia area. Bassetts moved to the Reading Terminal Market in 1892 when it opened and has been there ever since. With over 40 flavors to choose from such as peanut butter swirl, classic vanilla, and chocolate, every guest will find something they like from your ice cream bar. Bassetts brings everything from scoops to servers and all you have to bring is your guests!


Weckerly’s Ice Cream

Opened in 2012, Weckerly’s Ice Cream began in West Philadelphia at the Green Line Cafe by pastry chef Jen Satinsky. Made in small batches from locally sourced ingredients and organic cream brought in from Chester County, each ice cream flavor is crafted to make the ingredients shine. Flavors range from classic vanilla to more wild seasonal options. Catering options vary depending on the needs of the event – from full service scooping to plated and delivered desserts, Weckerly’s is happy to meet the needs of their clients.


The Franklin Fountain

Although soda fountains seem to be a thing of the past, they are making a come back! The Franklin Fountain offers that old school soda fountain feel to the Philadelphia area. Founded in 2004, The Franklin Fountain “aims to serve an experience steeped in ideals, drizzled with drollery, and sprinkled with the forgotten flavors of the American past.” Their menu is available for delivery from classic sundaes, egg creams, and phosphates, to delicious floats and sodas. The nostalgic flavors include caramel banana, hydrox cookie (think Oreos!), strawberry, peach and peanut butter.




Did you choose one of these yummy ice cream shops to be a part of your event? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to let us know!

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Unique Philly Wedding Favor Vendors

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As guests leave the reception at the end of the evening, they will take any goodies with them left behind as a token of appreciation from the wedded couple. The go-to for wedding favors are usually bags of candy or a small personalized memento that may end up in the garbage. What if we told you that you can provide your guests with unique favors that they’ll enjoy, won’t throw out, and are locally made? We’ve compiled a list of local artists and artisans that make some awesome favors that we totally recommend!

Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies was founded in a UPenn dorm room and has grown to over 100 locations. These tasty treats can be individually wrapped, making it ideal for wedding favors. Insomnia also offers 4 different custom made stickers to match your theme. Starting at $80 for 50 cookies, this favor is totally affordable and delicious!


Gourmet Candle

Found on Etsy, this local business creates custom candle tins personalized for any event! They can create any type of label and they are made from 100% soy wax. With over 35 choices of scents, Gourmet Candle is a fantastic option for your wedding favors in any season!


LeSaint French Chocolate

Looking for something simple, locally-made, and classy? LeSaint French Chocolate makes small batch handcrafted artisan chocolates held in small, personalized packaging to match your wedding theme. With dark, milk, and white chocolate and prices starting at $20 for 4.5 oz of chocolate, these delicious treats will leave your guests with a sweet taste to finish off an amazing wedding celebration!




Did you use any vendors for your wedding? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to let us know!


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How to Incorporate Philly Into Your Wedding Day

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Do you love the city of brotherly love as much as we do? Do you want to incorporate touches of the city into your wedding? Here are some unique and fun ways to do so, while still keeping the focus on you and your love.

Philly Food

Philadelphia is known for some fantastic food: cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, all things Wawa, water ice, Tastykakes… the list goes on and on. You can’t go wrong by choosing one (or all!) of these food items to make an appearance at your wedding. Your guests will love the hometown Philly treats that will leave lasting memories of your event.


Cake by Master’s Baker

Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers

Are you and your love sports fans? There are easy ways to bring the love of Philadelphia teams to your wedding. From wedding cake toppers that feature the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers mascots to table names or numbers of famous players of the past, sports fanatics can easily bring touches of the home teams to the big day. Asking your cake baker to make a sports-themed cake adds a flair of fun in the yummiest way possible.


Philly Decor

Philadelphia has some iconic landmarks and statues that can add a touch of home to your event. Renting or creating a DIY scaled-down replica of the LOVE statue serves twofold: reminiscent of Philadelphia and appropriate for a wedding event. Mini Liberty Bells adorned at each table during the reception as part of the center-pieces adds small touches of Philly to remind guests which city is the best!




Did you use any of these tips to bring Philly into your day? We’d love to know! Contact us to let us know how Philly made a big impact on your wedding day.

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