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Do you love the city of brotherly love as much as we do? Do you want to incorporate touches of the city into your wedding? Here are some unique and fun ways to do so, while still keeping the focus on you and your love.

Philly Food

Philadelphia is known for some fantastic food: cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, all things Wawa, water ice, Tastykakes… the list goes on and on. You can’t go wrong by choosing one (or all!) of these food items to make an appearance at your wedding. Your guests will love the hometown Philly treats that will leave lasting memories of your event.


Cake by Master’s Baker

Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers

Are you and your love sports fans? There are easy ways to bring the love of Philadelphia teams to your wedding. From wedding cake toppers that feature the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers mascots to table names or numbers of famous players of the past, sports fanatics can easily bring touches of the home teams to the big day. Asking your cake baker to make a sports-themed cake adds a flair of fun in the yummiest way possible.


Philly Decor

Philadelphia has some iconic landmarks and statues that can add a touch of home to your event. Renting or creating a DIY scaled-down replica of the LOVE statue serves twofold: reminiscent of Philadelphia and appropriate for a wedding event. Mini Liberty Bells adorned at each table during the reception as part of the center-pieces adds small touches of Philly to remind guests which city is the best!




Did you use any of these tips to bring Philly into your day? We’d love to know! Contact us to let us know how Philly made a big impact on your wedding day.

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