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Dazzling vocalists, powerful musicianship, captivating choreography, sharp looks and superior charisma equate to exceptional entertainment from EBE! Our dance and event bands are trained in “The Art of the Party” and have your whole night covered! Having performed thousands of events, EBE bands have the experience to make yours memorable long after the party is over.  From planning and managing the event to packing the dance floor, booking with EBE means you can enjoy the special moments with your guests worry free!

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Monte Carlo

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Milan 77

L.A. Starz

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Sunset Strip


Your EBE band leader will contact you well in advance of your event to review every detail, from your taste in music to every activity taking place over the night. The band leader uses this information to create an event timeline that maps out special moments, such as the toast, first dance, and food course servings, and seamlessly weaves the music around those moments for a perfect party experience!

Your EBE band leader also interfaces with all involved event professionals including the banquet manager, caterer, photographer, and videographer, to review the flow of events and ensure everyone is prepared and working together effortlessly. Your dance band keeps the entertainment going and the party running smoothly with finesse and style so you can enjoy the evening! We go to every length to make sure your event is properly planned and extraordinarily entertaining!

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When it comes to creating a truly memorable, exciting, and enchanting atmosphere at a wedding, few elements are as influential as the choice of music. Wedding bands have long been a popular choice for couples seeking to elevate their special day with live performances and captivating melodies. These bands are composed of talented musicians and vocalists who bring vibrant energy and a touch of sophistication to the celebration.

A wedding band offers a diverse repertoire that can cater to various musical preferences and moods. Whether you desire romantic ballads for the first dance, lively tunes to get everyone on the dance floor, or soothing melodies during cocktail hour, a skilled wedding band can effortlessly adapt to the ambiance you envision. Their live performances add a unique charm and a personal touch to the occasion, allowing guests to connect with the music on a deeper level and will help to create a sense of intimacy.

Hiring a wedding band not only provides an exceptional auditory experience but also serves as a visual spectacle. The musicians’ presence on stage, their polished performances, and their interactions with the audience create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Additionally, many wedding bands offer customizable packages. This will allow you to choose the size of the band and the instruments that best complement your wedding theme and venue. Whether you prefer a small acoustic ensemble or a full-scale orchestra, a wedding band will help you curate a magical ambiance that will be cherished by both you and your guests for years to come.