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Lighting & Production

Lighting adds a look and feel to your event that takes the event to another level. It presents your favorite colors, compliments your theme, or give your venue a club like feel. It sets a tone that can change as the event unfolds. A room lit in red communicates, blue tends to provide a cooling, calm feel and amber or gold radiates elegance.

Our in-house scenic and lighting experts provide you with dramatic staging and scenic designs that capture the imagination and powerful lighting design to spotlight the action. Any creative endeavor is only as strong as the technical support behind it, so EBE has secured the best in the industry. Our event technology professionals are outstanding at on-site logistics, including CAD schematics, floor plans, equipment specifications as well as lighting, sound, video support, draping and more.

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Uplighting your event illuminates the walls with color and provides the most cost-effective way of changing the look of a room. We can place uplights around the perimeter, illuminate columns and other key architectural points to give your room that glow or splash of color you desire. Uplights can also be used outdoors to accentuate entrances or gardens to tie your entire event together. Our uplight fixtures are wireless and have RGBAW+UV capability. This means that in addition to being capable of changing color at any time via DMX programming, they can also function as UV for a “blacklight party” set.

If your ceremony and reception are in the same room, you could get married in a room bathed in gold and return to it for a reception bathed in reds, purples, or virtually any color to match your design. LEDs allow you to make instantaneous color changes with the push of a button for immediate impact to compliment special moments like special dances, cake cutting, hora and more. LED uplights are a green product as they require 70% less power to run than a regular light bulb.

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Downlighting is used for general lighting enhancement and décor illumination. During your event, the overall level of light is typically dimmed by the venue, therefore you may want to re-light or enhance certain areas to bring attention to them. The most common uses are to illuminate bars, auction items and reception stations. The main difference between Pinspotting and Downlighting is the amount of coverage that comes from each fixture – a Pinspot will provide a beam size of light and is generally meant for one or half of one large arrangement, depending, whereas Downlighting is more commonly used for auction table lighting as it spreads to cover more area than a Pinspot.

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Pinspotting is the best friend to your décor and centerpieces. You invest time and energy in deciding on the design and look for your tables and want them to be vibrant when Guests arrive into the reception room. Even the most beautiful floral display can look washed out in a dimly lit room. Pinspots focus a pin-sized ray of light on your centerpieces or other points of focus to make them shine or really pop. The most commonly used is a warm white light that illuminates beautifully but another option is to use controlled fixtures that color changes throughout the evening for an even more dramatic effect. Our Pinspotting fixtures are wireless and magnetic which allow for ideal mounting, focusing and capability.

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No one wants to dance in complete darkness or look at a stage where they can’t see anyone speaking or performing. Using controlled LED fixtures, we highlight the stage and/or dance floor area in a wash of ambient color. The scene can remain the same shade throughout the event or it can begin as a warm amber for special moments and then change to a cooler scene for dancing, change to UV for a blacklight set, etc.

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Pattern lighting illuminates personalized design onto the ceiling, dance floor or walls. This is accomplished by creating special pattern gobos such as leaf patterns, triangles, stars, custom design, etc. that are focused to taste or left unfocused for a muted or marbleized look. These patterns create a striking element of décor.

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Nothing creates intense energy and excitement like dynamic, moving lights. Bring the dance floor to life with intelligent lighting that moves to the rhythm of the music and provides diverse effects like color changes, alternating patterns, strobes and haze special effects. The technician will use the lights to match the moment… while guests are dancing, float the lighting on the walls as well as the dance floor. When the evening calls for the first dance, toasts or presentations, create an intimate or romantic mood to enhance that special moment.

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Our custom-made pixel-mapping Blizzard Bars create a one-of-a-kind element on the stage or entertainment area. Blizzard Bars can be controlled to change colors and create different patterns and effects or they can remain static in your choice of color throughout the event. Blizzard Bars are typically vertically-mounted but can be mounted horizontally or custom-displayed to suit your theme or feel.

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Whether used to enhance an Intelligent Lighting System, create a custom backdrop/decor element or on their own, our Freedom Sticks can be pixel-mapped and controlled via DMX.

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In many instances an event will show the name of the Guest of Honor, the wedding couple’s initials or the company logo on the dance floor or wall. This is called a Gobo which is a small round slice of steel that is custom cut with your monogram design, name, pattern, or logo. Your gobo is then placed into a light that will shine onto a surface of your choice. Gobos add a specialized touch to the room. Only your imagination is the limit when it comes to personalization and customization. Gobos can be in one color or multiple colors, depending on the level of design.

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TV screens provide a clean, sharp HD method for showing video content. They are available in many sizes and can be hung from truss or poles. They are used for live feed, music videos, montages, slide shows, enhanced video game systems, custom sports bars and DJ facades.

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Our Projection Screens display your video presentation in a larger way and can be hung from truss, free standing with a dress kit or built into a wall of draping, etc. Using our Ultra-short throw projectors, we can create a video backdrop effect and incorporate exciting ambient graphics when not showing a logo or presentation. Our large projection screens screens are perfect non-profit and large corporate events as they can cleanly show the details for your Text2Pledge, connect to your online bidding software and display live thermometers, show sponsor names visibly, etc. Various sizes available.

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Many events require showing a presentation, montage, movie or live feed. A Plexiglas Screen is a great option as they are custom made for crystal clear rear projection. The screens vary in size and hang from truss with nearly-invisible wire, providing the illusion of a picture floating in the air.

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Projectors shoot a clean, clear image onto a screen, wall or any surface you choose. Projectors are not limited to showing pre-recorded videos but can also show many other items and specific clips of footage that enhance the décor. Examples would be displaying a quote at a non-profit gala, using an undersea clip to create the look of a large aquarium for a sea-themed event or fireworks for a grand finale. EBE offers a variety of projector types to meet your event needs.

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A four-corner Truss set up is a popular way to truly highlight and enhance a dance floor. The four-corner truss typically has numerous intelligent and decorative lighting fixtures affixed to the top around all sides. In addition to providing lighting and serving as its own form of décor, the four-corner truss creates hanging points where Swarovski crystals, paper birds, clouds, video screens, etc. can float above the dance floor. The footprint and height can be customized to virtually any room or dance floor size.

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While many venues offer staging for your event, when your venue does not provide it or you require unique staging, EBE can assist you. EBE is capable of designing a custom stage for your event of any footprint, height or size. We offer several multi-tier, semi-light-up staging packages that work beautifully for events or EBE is glad to create one to suit your specific needs.

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LED panels are a cool way to present a dance platform area in front of the band or DJ or can be assembled into larger areas to create custom LED dance floors. These panels are programmed throughout your event to interact with the music while changing color, style and speed. We have several sizes and heights available and all of our LED Platforms can be used to create custom multi-tiered technology staging.

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Create a dramatic scene for your ceremony, entertainment, sweetheart table, dessert station or other area of interest. We can create custom sizes and styles for each client’s needs.

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Pipe and drape is an elegant way to enhance or transform a space. Drape can be used to convert one space into multiple spaces by creating beautiful separation walls. It can also be used to tastefully cover up an area that you would prefer not to expose such as a stage pre-setup during your ceremony, service entrances or existing wall decor that does not match your design. A draped wall can serve as a chic backdrop for a ceremony or band and it can be used to soften a large cold space. Drape can also cover the entire perimeter of a room or be used to make a large space more intimate. Drape can be uplit in various colors providing an elegant look or have patterns projected onto it for additional decor elements. Drape can ultimately create a blank canvas to any event space allowing you to make any room look the way you envision it.

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Worried about your DJ being an eyesore to your event space? Dress up your DJ with our variety of stylish light up facades!

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EBE has a full-service corporate event division that can handle all of your corporate and non-profit event production needs including Lucite and Video Podiums, Gooseneck/Lavalier/Headset Microphones, Video Operators, IMAG (Image Magnification) services, Video production, media prep and editing, press accommodations, custom staging, talent management, etc. Our event team has extensive experience and works strategically with you to ensure a flawless execution and an enjoyable experience leading up to it. We understand how important it is to respond quickly and to be able to make adjustments up until the last minute.

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Capture The Moment!

If a picture says a thousand words, then video, combining moving pictures and sound, is a great storyteller.

From single or 2-camera shoots to a variety of editing options, our videography packages allow comprehensive coverage of your event without intrusion, catching those meaningful moments in a stunning narrative of sight and sound.

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