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If you’re planning a wedding, it’s likely you have a vision. According to a study of 15,000 Pinterest boards, many couples share the same wedding vision — vintage. In Pennsylvania specifically, the most searched wedding theme in 2023 is the Great Gatsby. Are you one of the couples looking to throw a wedding that captures all things vintage? Then, this guide is for you!

Here are six tips for planning the vintage wedding of your dreams:

From Callowhill to Center City, Philadelphia – these tips are sure to impress

  1. Choose the right venue. Fortunately, there are plenty of venues out there that offer the old-world charm vintage style is known for. From barns to historic mansions or ballrooms, invest in a venue that does a lot of the decor work for you. Think somewhere with lavish architecture or Art Deco details to really capture the vintage vibe.
  2. Decide on a vintage color. Color plays a major role in capturing the vintage look. Opt for a color palette that reflects the era you love most. Colors like soft pastels, rich jewel tones, or earthy neutrals often pop up in the vintage style, so use those in decorating elements, bridal attire, and more. If you’re one of the Great Gatsby adoring couples, gold and black are excellent color choices.
  3. Don’t forget the vintage decor. The best place to look for vintage props for your wedding is local thrift stores where the possibilities are endless. While shopping, be on the lookout for a treasure trove of antiques. You can find antique furniture to create lounge areas for your guests or other props you could use, like frames for table numbers, retro vases for centerpieces, and candle displays. If you don’t have any luck at local thrift stores, consider shopping garage sales for unique vintage items for your wedding.
  4. Let vintage inspire your wedding attire. If you’re committing to vintage, make sure the dresses, tuxes, and gowns fit the theme. Elements like lace and chiffon are great for wedding dresses and bridesmaids’ dresses, while a velvet tux or three-piece suit equipped with a pocket square is great for the groom and groomsmen. Don’t forget to look for vintage jewelry (which could be something borrowed!) and accessories to really play up that old-world feel. If you want to go above and beyond with the vintage vibes, ask your guests to come in their vintage best.
  5. Make vintage beverages and appetizers part of cocktail hour. Vintage food might not sound like the ideal thing to put on your wedding menu, but there are still plenty of ways to capture the era during your cocktail hour. From retro cocktails like sidecars to old-school appetizers like finger sandwiches, there are plenty of vintage-inspired ways to play with food before your guests sit down for their meal at the reception.
  6. Hire entertainers familiar with the times. No wedding is complete without entertainment, even a vintage one! If you want the music to capture the essence of the era, hire a swing band or jazz ensemble to play during your reception. You can also incorporate vintage in other forms of entertainment, like a photo booth with old-school props or having a caricature artist who can draw your guests in exaggerated vintage garb.

It’s no secret that planning a vintage wedding is on trend for couples in 2023.

When you are ready to make decisions about the entertainment that will perform at your vintage wedding, EBE is here to help. Contact us today to find out more information about our DJs and live bands!

Planning the Vintage Wedding of Your Dreams with Affordable Callowhill Wedding Entertainment