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A bar or bat mitzvah is an important milestone in a Jewish child’s life. After months of learning Hebrew to nail the Torah reading, it’s only fitting to celebrate this momentous event with a festive party. The party is not only a celebratory moment for your child, but it’s a way to highlight how proud you are as a parent. If you’re planning a bar or bat mitzvah for your child, you’ll want to make it a night to remember.

Here are some tips for a fun Philly bar or bat mitzvah:

Hire an MC. No bar or bat mitzvah is complete without an MC or master of ceremonies. They can introduce the bar or bat mitzvah child, make announcements, and keep the energy up throughout the night. The right MC knows how to integrate the evening so adults and kids are both having a good time.

Have dancers perform. If you want your event to be full of electric energy, hire professional dancers. Kids can be shy about getting on the dance floor and starting the party. Dancers will get everyone up and moving, leading guests in dance routines and filling the dance floor.

Invest in a DJ. Music can make or break your event. If you’re looking for the best bar and bat mitzvah entertainment in Philadelphia, consider hiring an EBE DJ. Our DJs have extensive catalogs and can play music to entertain guests of all ages. To ensure the night is special for your child, discuss their favorite songs and genres beforehand. When you talk about the playlist, you’ll be able to highlight your child’s interests while making sure the music selection is appropriate and enjoyable for everyone.

Hire a band or ensemble. If your child is into live music, consider hiring a band or ensemble to perform. Bands elevate any party atmosphere, and the right one will ensure the dance floor is never empty. Even if you don’t need a full band, you can still hire an ensemble. From solo artists to four-piece quartets and beyond, you’ll be able to find the entertainment that’s right for you and your event.

More Tips for an Amazing Mitzvah in Philadelphia

Incorporate a photo booth. Who doesn’t love a photo booth? They allow guests to show off their personalities and are a fun way to capture memories from your event. Guests can take silly photos with props and costumes and print the images to take home as party favors. Make sure they leave one behind so you can create a guestbook full of the fun photos.

Plan a theme. A themed bar or bat mitzvah can help tie everything together and make the event cohesive. Depending on your child’s interest, theme ideas can range from sports to movies or pop culture to superheroes. If a specific theme is not your thing, selecting a color scheme can help guide the decorations and activities for the big day.

Provide games and activities for bar and bat mitzvah goers. If you’re opting out of a photo booth, consider other activities to keep guests entertained. Certain party enhancements like a scavenger hunt, trivia, or a dance-off competition can keep guests engaged in the event. Make sure to provide prizes for winners to keep the competitive spirit alive.

Plan an Epic Bar or Bat Mitzvah with EBE – When you are ready to decide about your bar or bat mitzvah entertainment in Philadelphia, EBE is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our MCs, DJs, and live bands!

Tips for a Fun Bar or Bat Mitzvah with Philadelphia Event DJs