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After the question is popped and you’re wearing a sparkly new engagement ring on your finger, the millions of questions will begin rolling in! Did you set a date? Did you find a venue? Where are you registered?

A wedding website is a fantastic resource to allow guests to obtain the details of your event on their own time. Not sure where to begin? We’ve put together a list of some dos and don’ts when you’re in the process of creating your wedding website.

Do: Tell Your Story

Everyone loves love, so including the story of your relationship on your wedding website will make your friends and family say “Aww!”. Stick to the happy times and leave out details that may make folks a little uncomfortable.

Don’t: Leave It Unprotected

Your wedding website will include personal details with dates, times, and addresses of your event. Protecting your website with a password is becoming a pretty standard practice these days and ensures that your event remains private.

Do: Include Detailed Information

Your guests will need details! This includes guest arrival times, detailed directions to the venue, hotel block information, the open bar/cash bar options, the wedding dress code (check out the EBE blog to decode it!), registry information, and transportation options. Make sure the information is formatted clearly and in a way that makes sense to your guests.

Don’t: Mention Invite-Only Pre-Wedding Events

Typically bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner are smaller invite-only events. Keep the details of these events off of the website, as most of your guests will not be in attendance.

Do: Stick To Your Theme

Keep your wedding website in line with the theme of your wedding event by using similar colors, patterns, and photos that match your wedding style. If you’ve chosen to take themed engagement photos, they will blend perfectly into the website and add personal flair.

Did these tips help you craft your wedding website? If so, we want to hear all about your event! Contact us today!

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