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The Most Beautiful Streets in Philadelphia to Take Engagement Photos

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We may be biased, but we think that Philadelphia is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is filled with old-world charm, rich history, and a contemporary artsy vibe that many adore. Aside from the well-known areas like Love Park, Rittenhouse Square, and the Schuylkill River Trail that many folks seem to flock to for engagement and wedding photos, there are some hidden gems that we think are equally, if not more beautiful to set the stage.

Elfreth’s Alley

Photo by Peach Plum Pear Photo

This historic hidden gem is one of the nation’s oldest streets dating to 1702. The oldest home on the street was built in 1728! Located between Second Street and the Delaware River, this narrow road provides the perfect backdrop for taking engagement photos with the beautiful brick homes and cobblestone road. Pro tip: Hit the street at sunrise to avoid the tourists and to catch that beautiful dawn light.

Delancey Street

Photo by MLE Pictures

Located in Rittenhouse Square, the 1900 block of Delancey Street offers picturesque views of Philadelphia that are perfect for engagement photos. Many of the brick homes were built in the 1800s, bringing charm and history to photos. If you love Philadelphia, Delancey Street is the ideal locale for your engagement photoshoot.

Addison Street

Photo by We Laugh We Love Photography

Looking for that small town feel in the big city? The 1700 block of Addison Street is just the ticket for your engagement photos. Beautiful trees donned with string lights that line the street provide the perfect amount of twinkle to your photos. This street is especially dreamy during the snow covered holiday season. It is perfectly picturesque!

Quince Street

Photo by Swiger Photography

Between Locust and Spruce Street in Center City, Quince Street is hiding. We spoke to Amanda Swiger, Wedding and Boudoir Photographer, and she told us, “Quince is a super cute little side street, with a cobblestone ground, adorable houses, and its extra perfect in the fall! Philly’s Gayborhood has some other awesome spots within walking distance of this street, and it’s my favorite hidden gem of the city!”

Did you take engagement photos on one of these beautiful streets? If so, we would love to see them! Contact us today! 

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Top Philly Bachelor Party Spots

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The cake is ordered. The table linens are picked out. The venue is set and the tuxedos arranged. Everything is planned to the letter for the wedding of a lifetime and it is time to have one last hurrah before a lifetime of wedded bliss begins. Philadelphia is the perfect city to enjoy a night out on the town for a bachelor party. We have compiled a list of the best spots to hit, in order, for an unforgettable bachelor party.

Stay at The Rittenhouse Hotel.

@the_rittenhouse |

The night is young! Start off the party in the classiest way possible by booking your rooms at The Rittenhouse Hotel. The stunning rooms are upwards of 600 square feet, and feature marble bathrooms and the most comfortable beds that you will ever sleep in. Before heading out, get a fresh cut and shave at the on-site barber shop, then sip top-shelf whiskey at the Library Bar. This sophisticated hotel is the perfect spot for a gentlemen’s party getaway and is worth every penny.

Enjoy a smoke at Ashton Cigar Bar.

@ashtoncigarbar |

Whiskey and cigars? Yes, please! This incredible bar features over 330 different whiskeys to taste and over 100 different types of cigars to sample. This unique bar is one of a kind in Philadelphia: It is the only bar in the city that is legally allow cigar smoking on its premises. Have a party guest that doesn’t smoke? No problem. Their air purifiers are top notch and vent the smoke out to keep all guests happy.

Eat a meal at Butcher Bar.

@butcherbarphl |

If you’re a meat eater, this is the spot for you! Butcher Bar, located a few blocks from Ashton Cigar Bar, has an outstanding food & bar menu. You can even opt for “The Trough”, which consists of rotisserie chicken, assorted house-made sausages, Chef’s choice cut of meat, wild boar ribs, royale with cheese, house-smoked bacon, korean short ribs, house-cut fries, and grilled pita. If you have a larger group of people, they also offer private party menus!

Play some games at Lucky Strike.

@luckystrikeent |

Grab your buddies and bowl a few rounds, then head on over to the bar area to enjoy a couple of beers. This unique spot is perfect for everyone – the game area and bar are separate so the gents that want to play can indulge and those that don’t can enjoy the great selections at the bar.


Did you choose to spend your bachelor party at one of these top Philadelphia spots? If so, contact us to let us know!

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Wedding Venue Spotlight: Bartram’s Garden

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As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Philadelphia is filled with rich history at every corner. A hidden gem and treasure of Philadelphia, Bartram’s Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the nation.

Photo by Peach Plum Pear Photography

Bartram’s Garden kicked off a legacy when botanist John Bartram purchased over 100 acres of land in 1728. Nearly 25 years later, he literally grew an empire of plants with the most comprehensive collection of North American plants in the world. Mr. Bartram was a friend of a well-known Philadelphian, Benjamin Franklin, and specialized in trading plants and seeds worldwide. In 1891, the garden was preserved by the city of Philadelphia as a park, and became a National Historic Landmark in 1960.

Bartram’s Gardes sets the scene perfectly for an outdoor wedding with a backdrop of the Philadelphia city skyline. With spaces that can be transitioned for cocktail hour or even relaxing and fun lawn games, Bartram’s Garden is easily customizable to fit your wedding needs. The Eastwick Pavilion that overlooks the river can entertain up to 350 guests. Their dedicated event planners are there to help you discover and maximize the beauty of the garden to make your event spectacular.

Photo by Pat Furey Photography

We spoke with Joe Napoli, EBE’s Director of Business Development, about choosing Bartram’s Garden as a wedding venue. He told us that the Spring and Fall are the ideal times to get married at Bartram’s Garden and said, “the Ceremony and cocktail hour are best outdoors, so choose a temperate time of year.” He also added that his favorite part of performing at events at Bartram’s Garden is the newly added reception area.

The mission of hosting events at Bartram’s Garden is vitally important to support the legacy of John Bartram and his dream of keeping the garden alive: “to protect and enhance this unique space; to advance Bartram’s legacy of discovery, gardening and art; and to inspire visitors to care for the natural world.”

When you are ready to visit Bartram’s Garden to take a tour to prepare for your event, you can visit their website to learn more.

Photo by Shannon Collins Photography

Did you host your wedding at Bartram’s Garden? If so, contact us! We would love to hear all about it.

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Invite A Philadelphia Mascot To Attend Your Wedding

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Philadelphia is famous for quite a few things like cheese steaks, the LOVE statue, and being the City of Brotherly Love to name a few. However, the one thing that the rest of the country knows is that Philadelphians love their sports teams. If you are getting married in the Philadelphia area and are as passionate about the Eagles, 76ers, Flyers, or Phillies, then we have just the ticket for you to bring your wedding reception to the next level.

Did you know that you can hire Philly mascots to attend your wedding? We’ve got the inside scoop on everything you need to know about ensuring this VIP guest attends one of the biggest events in your life.

The Philadelphia Eagles

Meet Swoop, the most famous eagle on the East coast! In order for Swoop to attend your wedding, you need to plan ahead by filling out this form about 3 months before your wedding event. Having Swoop appear at your wedding will run you about $400, so make sure that you fit him into your entertainment budget!

The Philadelphia Phillies

The big green guy that attends all of the Phillies games is known as the Philly Phanatic. He is highly in demand and does most of his work attending Phillies games and charity events. However, he does leave a little wiggle room to attend a limited number of weddings each year. The fee for requesting attendance of the Phanatic varies, so contact the Phillies directly to inquire about availability.

The Philadelphia 76ers

Franklin The Dog happily roots for the Philadelphia 76ers. As long as he isn’t at a 76ers home game or at another event, he should be able to attend your wedding event. He will arrive in a big blue van, so make sure parking accommodations will be made available for his arrival and departure. He will dance and entertain guests throughout the entire event, and is sure to create a night to remember! If you are interested in having Franklin attend your wedding, fill out this form.

The Philadelphia Flyers

The newest mascot on the NHL scene is Gritty, who roots for the Philadelphia Flyers. Gritty’s schedule is very busy, so the Flyers organization is still working out the details of private and public appearances. However, there may be hope if his schedule aligns with yours. If you are interested in requesting his attendance at your wedding, you can fill out this form.

Did you invite one of these famous Philadelphia mascots to attend your wedding event? If so, we would love to hear all about it. Contact us today!

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5 Things Your Guests Want At Your Wedding

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Planning the smallest details like personalized napkins, the placement of flowers in vases that will adorn the cake table, the entryway decor, and the font used on the invitations are some of the many decisions that need to be made when planning on a wedding. Overall, these details, when executed properly, add amazing touches to a wedding. One question that may leave you scratching your head is: What do my wedding guests actually want to experience at my wedding? Well, we’ve got the answers for you!

Great food and beverage.

The #1 thing that guests want from weddings is the food and drink! Alcohol, although not a necessity, is always appreciated by guest., and they’ll prefer an open bar over a cash bar. Worried about cost? You can provide wine, beer, and signature cocktails instead of a full bar.
In regards to food, a sub-par meal will literally leave a bad taste in guests mouth, so invest time, energy, and a nice part of the budget toward elevating the meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

Excellent music and entertainment.

A huge aspect of a wedding reception is entertainment. Guests will expect to dance their booties off during the event to some incredible music. Hiring a wedding band or DJ that has industry experience, knows how to read a crowd, and keeps guests entertained all night long will leave them demanding one more song at the end of the night.

A really comfortable environment

If guests attend an outdoor wedding where it is 90-degrees and 80% humidity in the middle of the summer with no access to air conditioning, they will remember it. If you are planning a summer wedding, make sure accommodations are made to keep guests comfortable. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions should have back-up weather plans no matter the season.

Being mindful of small (and large) details.

If you are planning on getting married on a sprawling estate that may be difficult to find, ensure signs are properly placed to direct guests where they need to go. Are you having a large number of guests attend a wedding and are having a buffet-style food table? Make sure there are enough food stations to avoid having guests wait in line for long periods of time to fill their plate. Guests will unfortunately remember these small inconveniences.

Being thanked.

Taking the time to say hello to your guests and thank them for attending is something that they will remember. They took the time to attend your event and celebrate your big day, so afford them with the gratitude for attending! Also, don’t forget to send a “Thank You Note” for any gifts that they receive. (Check out our blog for Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Thank You Notes!)

We hope these tips help you with planning the largest and smallest details of your wedding to make it an event to remember. We would love to hear all about your wedding plans, so contact us today!

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Choosing Your Soundtrack to Happily Ever

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In the midst of selecting flowers, cake flavors, meal choices, decor, and other details that make up a wedding event, choosing the music for the formal parts of your wedding can seem daunting. The processional and recessional, introductions, first dances, parent dances, and any other formalities are the perfect times to sprinkle some personalization. However, with a few choice tips and help from the pros at EBE, choosing your soundtrack to “Happily Ever After” to can be stress free.

Your History

This is the easiest one. If there is a specific song that resonates deeply for your relationship, that’s a great start! Think of the music in the background of your most monumental moments together. For parent dances, think of the music of your upbringing.

Select A Theme/Genre

If your wedding is channeling times in the past (think 1950s style), then your formality music can certainly fit the part of the theme, too. Selecting artists or songs that are popular during a specific era or songs with a similar tempo reminiscent of the past can help narrow down the song selection process during the party.

Use Music-Streaming Sites

If you know the style of music or artist that you want to dance to, you can create a “radio” around it with Music-Streaming websites such as Spotify or Pandora. Listen to the “radio” in the background at work or home and make a playlist of the songs you like! From there, you can sit down with your dance partner to decide.

Ask The Pros

Whether you’re choosing a live band or a DJ to play at your wedding, discuss the feel you want for your event and allow the professionals to help make suggestions for songs to enhance your wedding reception party. The EBE team will help guide you through navigating the wedding music to make your event perfect!

Did these tips help you select the music for your wedding? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to let us know!

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Our Favorite Bridal Shower Themes

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Whoever decided that bridal showers had to be boring luncheons with sub-par food and wine is cancelled! Bridal showers should not be boring, and the food and beverage can be just as amazing as the bride and her party. This is one of the last parties that the bride will attend as an unmarried woman and it is an event that she will remember for the rest of her life. Selecting a theme not only the bride will love, but one that her guests will enjoy, is important. We are here to help you with a list of our favorite bridal shower themes.

Romantic Fairy Tale Theme

Many brides dream of having a romantic fairy tale wedding. Why not carry that theme into the bridal shower? A soft color palette, beautiful florals, and keeping the “Happily Ever After” theme going throughout the event will be a show stopper. Guests can snack on delicious sweets such as French macaroons and petit fours while sipping delicious cocktails to match the event’s theme.

Nautical Theme

If the bride and her soon-to-be spouse love to spend time on the water, a nautical theme is the perfect way to celebrate. Anchors, nautical knots, and a navy blue, white, red and yellow color scheme can carry the theme perfectly. We’ll even give you the first step! Adorn the invitations with some thick rope instead of ribbon to make a bow.

Backyard BBQ

For an at-home and relaxed bridal shower, opt for a backyard BBQ. Throw some burgers, hot dogs, veggie kebabs, and chicken on the grill, crack open a beer or two, and sit back and relax. Lawn games such as cornhole, lawn darts, and horseshoe are great activities to play during the party.

English Tea Party

The lover of all things floral and pretty will absolutely adore an English Tea Party bridal shower. Serve an assortment of specialty teas, finger sandwiches, and delicious sweets to keep this event classy. Use tea canisters to hold floral arrangements and make doggie bags of tea cookies as favors!

The Great Gatsby Theme

The roaring 20s was a time of incredible clothing, signature secret cocktails and feather headbands. All guests that attend can dress in style for the event. Serve up classic Prohibition-era cocktails like sidecars and Gin Rickey’s along with tasty treats.

We hope these ideas helped you select a theme for your bridal shower. We would love to hear about your event where you used one of these themes so contact us today to let us know all about it!

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The Guide To A Healthy And Happy Bride

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Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Professional photos are taken to capture every little detail of the day, and you’ll cherish those photos forever. There is a lot of unnecessary pressure to look “perfect” during the wedding, which inevitably causes stress for many brides.

We’ve compiled a list of things to make every bride feel beautiful, happy, and healthy on one of the most important days of their lives.

DO: Enjoy yourself.

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful but it should also be one of the most memorable and fun events of a lifetime. When you look back on your wedding, how do you want to remember it? Miserable and stressed out over something as innocuous as a tardy bridesmaid, or focused on your new spouse, happy and dancing the night away? 100% of brides would prefer the latter over the former, right? Have the expectation that some things may not turn out perfectly and go with the flow of the event as much as possible. You will thank yourself afterwards.

DON’T: Fall for extreme diets.

First and foremost, you do not need to lose weight for your wedding. If you do decide to lose weight, crash diets, risky cleanses, and unsafe supplements should be avoided at all costs. Unsafe and extreme measures can lead to health problems, so skip them all together. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to losing weight, so start early, drink water, exercise, and eat sensibly. Plan your weight loss goals based on your wedding timetable, as you can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week on a healthy diet.

DO: Take breaks. Often.

It can be easy to get sucked into a spin cycle of nonstop wedding planning, which can cause you to get overly stressed out. Take frequent breaks and set the planning process aside to spend time on other hobbies, work, or just go for a walk with your soon-to-be spouse. Clearing your mind can help you focus better when needed, and can also keep the wedding planning process fun!

DON’T: Do things last minute.

A calendar should be your best friend to schedule events such as your beauty trials, vendor meetings, tastings, and more. Writing everything down that you need to do and scheduling them in advance will keep stress low, and you’ll avoid having to run around last minute to get the task accomplished.

Do: Get your rest.

Sleep is necessary for a busy, stressed out bride-to-be. The benefits of getting restful shuteye include balanced hormones, a regulated appetite, and keeping inflammation at bay. Sleep also helps keep feelings of depression away, improves memory, and manages stress. Need an ideal sleep space? Invest in some blackout curtains, create a cool climate, and go device-free a couple of hours before it’s time to hit the sheets.

If these tips helped you keep your cool while planning and attending your wedding, we want to know! Contact us today.

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Don’t Break The Bank On Wedding Flowers: Money Saving Tips

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Setting a budget for wedding flowers is a good idea, but sticking to it can be difficult. Depending on the type of floral arrangements you’d like to see during your event, the price can skyrocket pretty easily. However, with a little know-how, there are ways you can cut cost easily.

Don’t Be Picky

If you keep an open mind when it comes to flowers, you will save a lot of green. If you have a general idea of the vision you’d like to keep for your event, bring it up to your florist and ask them to give their professional opinion on how you can realistically stick your budget. The florist will most likely be able to keep your color scheme while suggesting flowers that aren’t as expensive and more easily accessible during the time of year that your wedding will take place.


Do It Yourself

With access to the internet, many brides are opting to create floral arrangements themselves by finding inspiration on the world wide web. Cutting wildflowers or purchasing flowers in bulk and placing them in mason jars on the tables is a cost effective way to add beautiful texture, color and style. In the long run, you will love the arrangements without having the regret of spending thousands on something that will eventually be thrown out. Make it fun by enlisting the help of the bridal party or family and friends to make the arrangements a couple of  days before the ceremony and party to check one thing off of the list that you will need to do to prepare.


Choose Big Blooms

Flowers that have big blooms will help couples save money as they take up more volume in the vase. Choosing a large bloom such as hydrangeas instead of tulips will give you more bang for your buck. Flowers don’t need to cover every surface of the event. Make it a point to only place them at strategic locations in the event space where guests will be spending the most time. These locations will create a strong visual impact to make the event space perfect. Consider using a tall vase at the entryway or smaller arrangements on the food tables.




Did you enlist the advice we gave at your wedding? We want to know!  Contact us to let us know how we helped save you money during your wedding.

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EBE Spotlight: Elaine Igoe

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EBE’s Elaine Igoe:

Entertainment Representative &

Event Planner


EBE is made up of a myriad of people and personalities. Throughout this series of EBE Spotlights, we’re looking past the job title and learning more about what makes our team tick. We were able to sit down with Elaine Igoe this week, one of EBE’s Entertainment Representatives & Event Planners.

Elaine is one of EBE’s two Event Planners on staff. She has been in the event industry for 25 years, and has been with EBE for 13 of them. Throughout those 13 years, she has been executing incredible events – from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Weddings to Corporate Events and Social Galas.

Her passion for making each and every gathering exceptional is demonstrated by the attention she devotes to all elements of the planning process. Elaine works with every client to ensure that each detail is carefully chosen and then flawlessly executed to allow them and their guests to have an event that is seamless and memorable. Most importantly, she allows her clients to relax and enjoy every moment of their party.

I asked Elaine a series of serious & silly questions to get to know her better. Check it out below!

Who is your hero?
Nick Foles for that Super Bowl Win!!

What is your favorite movie?
The Sixth Sense… I did not see that ending coming

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?
I can play the drums. I took ballet for years and even got into pointe shoes… and I wrote a children’s book for my nephew!

What is your zodiac sign?
Libra BUT I was induced, so I should have been a Scorpio

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

What is your favorite thing about your career?
The diversity of what I do, the people I meet, and how appreciate my clients are of the work that is done to make their event perfect

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have?
Reading minds or making life 100% positive

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Sandra Bullock

If you could join any past or present music group, which would you want to join?
The Who

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which would it be and why?
A client once called me “a pitbull with lipstick” as he saw me in action during the 2 events per year I planned with them for 7 years

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