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The wedding reception entrance is the first time that the newlyweds present themselves to the public after the ceremony. Making your grand entrance to your wedding reception makes the special day even more memorable for everyone. Check out some of the ideas that we’ve put together to make your wedding reception entrance unforgettable.

Take Advantage of Your Venue

If your wedding venue has a grand staircase or a glass elevator that leads to the event space, take advantage of it. Entering the space as newlyweds by one of these lavish methods will ensure all eyes are on you.

Wedding Party Coordinated Dance

This will take a bit of practice, planning, and commitment from your wedding party, but the effort will make a spectacular impact on your big day! Choose a song that has a catchy beat and plan a dance for your wedding party to learn the steps… then perform it as the grand entrance. If it is in the budget, hiring a professional to help the process will make things much easier! Check out our blog post on the five Philly-area dance instructors that we love.

A Tunnel of Sparklers

Not only will this be fun for all of your guests, but it will also set the stage to create some incredible photos! Dim any lighting and supply sparklers for all of your guests to hold and line the walkway to the event space. When the newlyweds are announced, everyone will ignite the sparklers and create a glittery display. Just make sure safety measures are put into place and you have pre-approval from your venue!

A Red Carpet Entrance

Much like the red carpet that your favorite celebrities walk on at award shows, you can celebrate your newlywed celeb status by entering on a red carpet. Lighting is a key factor to make your entrance, so dim the overhead lights in the venue and have a bright pinspot or spotlight to make a big appearance! Your wedding band can play romantic or upbeat music, depending on the mood you want to set.

Enter By Land or Sea

Based on the location of your venue and availability, one of the most memorable ways to make a grand entrance is by transportation! If your ceremony and reception venues are at different locations, consider making a grand entrance by arriving to the reception venue in a beautifully restored classic car or horse and carriage. If your venue is near a lake or river, consider taking a ride down stream in a row boat. Guests will love it!

Did you use one of these Grand Entrances? We would love to hear all about it, so contact us today!

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