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Eli’s Bar Mitzvah at The Warehouse at EBE

By April 6, 2012No Comments


You guys did an AMAZING job with the party. From start to finish, with planning that began a year in advance, I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve received about 20 phone calls so far with people saying how wonderful things were and attentive the staff was. There is a reason your name is events beyond expectation… my sentiments exactly… my expectations were definitely exceeded. The organization and attention to detail was simply perfection. Eli had an amazing time as well and this is a kid who hates to dance. Funny… he was out on the dance floor all night and danced more at his party, despite saying many times that he refused, than he has in his 12 1/2 years of life. Stephanie and her dancers were absolutely the best. They kept the kids going for 4 hours non stop! I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful team at The Warehouse @ EBE and would recommend it to anyone having a party!

Marcy Gubernick