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In our industry, it’s impossible to execute an incredible event without the help of other dynamic vendors. In our Vendor Features, we learn more about the people who we love to work with event after event, and year after year. Next up is Amanda Dabbeekah, owner of Diamonds & Details.

Amanda created a website for Diamonds & Details 10 years ago, and booked her first client two months later. After no time at all, Diamonds & Details grew to her full-time position!

I was able to sit down with Amanda to ask her a few questions… check it out!

What makes Diamonds and Details stand out next to companies like it?

Diamonds and Details is very client focused. We take on a limited number of weddings a year so that we can focus on our clients’ needs from the day they hire us right up until wedding day. Even our clients who hire us for wedding day management (also known as “day of coordination”) have a very hands-on experience working with the company… they can reach out at anytime to their Coordinator as opposed to 1 or 2 months before the wedding like some other companies offer in their packages.

What motivates you to work hard?

Seeing my clients happy! Finding the right venue or perfect band for a client makes me want to work even harder to plan their perfect wedding!

Tell us about your favorite event and why it was/is your favorite

Every wedding the company works on is different, even if it’s a venue we have worked at before so picking a favorite can be hard. Personally, I do love when I work with clients that have a little bit of an “offbeat theme” to them or they pick a really nontraditional venue. We have worked at venues like the Franklin Institute and the Please Touch Museum and those venues always make for a fun wedding. Our clients that got married at the Franklin Institute really wanted to have a “fun, nerdy” wedding as they called it – we incorporated Star Wars, Legos and astronomy into a lot of their wedding details. As a surprise to everyone, even the Bride and Groom, their officiant dressed up like the Priest from the Princess Bride (and used the same lines from the movie) which still is a favorite wedding moment of ours!

Favorite Wedding Month?

October is the new June, but I love the summer heat… so any summer months are my favorite!

What is your Best Advice for Potential Clients?

The most obvious advice – Hire a Wedding Planner! I also tell clients not to worry about everyone else and do what THEY want – personalize your wedding so it really speaks about you as the couple getting married. Love traveling? Name your tables after places you have been. Are you known for a funny story with family and friends? Make your wedding hashtag or name your signature drinks with something to do with that story – guests will love it!

What is your Favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?

I am a history buff so I love exploring the museums in the city and seeing all the landmarks and historical places.

What is your Zodiac Sign?


What is your Favorite Movie?

The Notebook! (I even named one of my sons Noah)

What is your Go-to at Karaoke?

I don’t sing in public! I have major stage fright!

If you could join any past or present music group, which would you want to join?

NSYNC! (guilty pleasure and favorite group – have seen them in concert over 15 times!)

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your company?

The ongoing theme in many of our online reviews is that we truly love working with our clients and I would completely agree with this sentiment! We are really all about the details and bringing our clients vision to life as best as possible. Keeping the planning process as stress free as possible is also a top priority and we would love the opportunity to work with you to do just that!

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