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In the midst of selecting flowers, cake flavors, meal choices, decor, and other details that make up a wedding event, choosing the music for the formal parts of your wedding can seem daunting. The processional and recessional, introductions, first dances, parent dances, and any other formalities are the perfect times to sprinkle some personalization. However, with a few choice tips and help from the pros at EBE, choosing your soundtrack to “Happily Ever After” to can be stress free.

Your History

This is the easiest one. If there is a specific song that resonates deeply for your relationship, that’s a great start! Think of the music in the background of your most monumental moments together. For parent dances, think of the music of your upbringing.

Select A Theme/Genre

If your wedding is channeling times in the past (think 1950s style), then your formality music can certainly fit the part of the theme, too. Selecting artists or songs that are popular during a specific era or songs with a similar tempo reminiscent of the past can help narrow down the song selection process during the party.

Use Music-Streaming Sites

If you know the style of music or artist that you want to dance to, you can create a “radio” around it with Music-Streaming websites such as Spotify or Pandora. Listen to the “radio” in the background at work or home and make a playlist of the songs you like! From there, you can sit down with your dance partner to decide.

Ask The Pros

Whether you’re choosing a live band or a DJ to play at your wedding, discuss the feel you want for your event and allow the professionals to help make suggestions for songs to enhance your wedding reception party. The EBE team will help guide you through navigating the wedding music to make your event perfect!

Did these tips help you select the music for your wedding? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to let us know!

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