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Are you planning a wedding with some downtime between the nuptials and the reception? On average, there’s usually a block of 60 to 90-minutes between a wedding ceremony and the party. While this is extremely common, it’s essential to have something for your guests to do so they’re not worrying about how they’re going to spend that gap of time.

What to Do Between Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Even if you don’t provide the entertainment for them, you should at least point your guests in the right direction of how to keep themselves busy in between your ceremony and reception.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Set up a group activity. If your wedding budget allows, look into setting up a group activity for your wedding guests to keep them busy between your ceremony and reception. From local trolley tours of the city to museum tickets, plan entertainment that speaks to you as a couple and the location of your wedding.

Book a music act in between ceremony and reception. If you’re booking a band or DJ to play your wedding, they may be able to provide entertainment in the hour or so leading up to your reception. Or you can opt for an ensemble performance, like a soloist playing an acoustic guitar, piano, or harp to keep your guests entertained and tease the entertainment that’s to come. Hiring additional entertainment is a fun way to keep guests engaged and kick-start the party vibe you’re looking to capture for the rest of the night.

Create a local hotspot guide. If you’re not planning to have entertainment set up before the reception, or you can’t get into your venue until a specific time, tell your guests about popular (or hidden gem) local bars and restaurants so they can hang out there in the meantime. Make sure the locations you recommend are close in proximity to your reception hall to prevent your guests from getting lost—and preventing them from having to rush back to the venue or getting stuck in traffic. This guide will be especially useful to those who are traveling from out of town.

Include your wedding guests in your photo opp. Typically, the time gap between a ceremony and a reception allows the newlyweds to get their photos taken. If your wedding party is small enough or you have the space to accommodate a large group, include all of your guests in your formal wedding photos. This idea is an excellent way to kill time and prevents you from getting held up taking pictures with your guests during the reception.

Keep Calm Between Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Don’t stress about the amount of time in between your wedding ceremony and reception. Most guests expect there to be some kind of lull and will plan accordingly. Guiding them in the right direction or providing entertainment will only enhance their experience attending your special day.

When you are ready to make decisions about the entertainment that will perform at your wedding, EBE is here to help. Contact us today to find out more information about our DJs and live bands!

What to Do Between Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Tips from Philadelphia Wedding DJs