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Winter Weddings

The Wedding Off-Season Is The Best Time To Marry

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Every year around the same time, you start receiving wedding invitations to fill your calendar in the summer and fall. Before you know it, the majority of your weekends are completely filled, and you are left with little to no down time for impromptu weekend getaways or to just spend time lounging at home binging-watching Netflix. While getting married in the summer and fall months are ideal for many, there are some great perks to getting hitched between December and March. Here are some reasons why we think getting married during off-peak season is ideal for many couples.

More Guest Availability

During the summer and fall months, many people fill their weekends with vacations, family get-togethers, and other weddings to attend. During the off-season months, many guests will have better availability to attend your wedding. Exchange that ice cream bar for a hot cocoa bar and you will be golden.

Amazing Photography

Residing in the Philadelphia area, we are no stranger to snow storms during the winter months. Although storms can cause a bit of a hiccup at your event, with careful planning, you can capture some breathtaking wedding photos by hitting the outdoors with your photographer.

Excellent Discounts

Because many wedding vendors are more flexible during the off-season, their rates are typically discounted. Many venues run specials for hosting events during the winter months, which can result in your dream wedding location at a fraction of what you would pay during the summer and fall months. Remember to be respectful and professional when discussing these discounts and do not demand them.

Better Honeymoon Rates

Many resorts work on the same schedule as the wedding season – increasing their rates in the summer and fall then lowering them in the winter. Based on your destination, you can receive major discounts or perks by traveling in the off-season to celebrate your nuptials.

Photo by Elena Bazini Photography

Getting married during the winter months isn’t for everyone, but those willing to can save major bucks on their event while basking in the beauty of the winter months. Did you find these tips to be helpful in planning your winter wedding event? If so, we would love to hear from you so contact us to let us know!

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