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DIY - Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

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Some people are moving away from the bulky wedding invitation that includes multiple reply envelopes, embossed wedding cards, and save the date magnets. While it is fun to get a mini-package in the mail and open it up to find a list of wedding weekend activities while glitter or tiny shiny palm tress fall out on to the floor, it’s really expensive! A movement towards simpler, more affordable invitations is happening, and it really cuts down the cost of your wedding. Yes, it is the first announcement of you and yours to the world, but it’s not going to be what people remember, unless it’s a really poorly done invitation. Paperless Post is a very popular online tool for sending out wedding announcements, and it’s so easy to keep track of all of the responses since it is all calculated online for you! No more cards slipping in after the RSVP date.

Paperless Post has all of the timeless, classic themes for your online wedding invitation. It truly delivers a beautiful design complete with a virtual envelope that opens up with a reply card, announcements, and all that you get in a regular snail-mail invitation. When you create an online invitation, whether or not it is through Paperless Post, you have endless choices right in front of you and the leisure, pressure-free approach to just browse. Online databases are absolutely endless and you can find the exact style and design you want. The paper can have a textured look, rough edges, shiny trim, and silk bows, whatever you want. With the high-resolution screens on computers now, you can really get a realistic effect. With the added animation of the invitation floating out of the envelope and unfolding, it’s a fun email to receive.

Not only is it convenient for you, it is convenient for your recipient. People operate much more efficiently with online communication. Instead of mailing back the invitation, it is just a simple click. You also see it whenever you open your email so it won’t fall to the bottom of the mail pile. It’s also nice not to have 6 pieces of an invitation getting spread out all over the place. Those little Save the Date cards always seem to go missing unless it’s a magnet.

People argue that getting a tangible invitation in the mail is a special, old-fashioned means of communication that should not be lost to the conveniences of online communication. This is a completely valid argument and I agree that getting something in the mail is special. What isn’t important is having ribbons woven into every piece of the invitation, having scented cards, or having thick, heavy cardstock invitations. Keep it simple. A simple sticker for the calendar, or a magnet for the fridge, is a great way for your friends to keep your wedding in mind during their hectic schedule. Also, people like to look at you and your husband, but not sitting back-to-back sipping wine on the beach and gazing out at the sunset. Keep it real, and keep it simple. Your invitation should represent you, but it doesn’t have to look like an invitation to a royal ball.

When creating your invitations, like all else, think of the time and money you want to invest. If invitations are something you just want to get done on the cheap, go the online route. If you want beautiful invitations that people might want to save, decide just how formal and traditional you are going to go. Invitations can be anything you want them to be, and don’t be afraid to do what you want with it. Fun colors are taking over white and cream, and a simple font is taking over cursive. Do what looks like you and your partner.

Sometimes combining the Save the Date and the invitation, and sending out the wedding schedule all in one envelope, leaves more attention for bigger things… like seating your feuding relatives or deciding whether to hire an EBE band or an EBE DJ/MC Combination for the reception. Maybe a string quartet for the ceremony? But I digress. Wedding invitations can cause headaches and when compared to seating guests, music choices, and lodging requirements and requests, it should be the first and easiest step to introducing Mr. and Mrs. Right to everyone. Sign it, seal it, and deliver it… so you can enjoy the rest of the adventure. Once it’s in the mail, you won’t see it, or think about it again. Your job is to send, and wait, and enjoy what is about to come.

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