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EBE Vendor Feature: Marc Uravic

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In our industry, it’s impossible to execute an incredible event without the help of other dynamic vendors. In our Vendor Features, we learn more about the people who we love to work with event after event, and year after year. First up is Marc Uravic, of Marc Uravic Event Design!

Photo by Amanda Stevenson

Marc has been in the event industry for over 30 years, and started Marc Uravic Event Design 21 years ago. He was working the the sales office at Frog Commissary Catering, and had this notion that he wanted to move up the special event food chain. While at FCC, he had many amazing opportunities to work on every kind and scale of special event imaginable, all while working with an incredible array of clients and industry partners. Marc continued to be drawn to the glamorous realms of the event industry, so he took the knowledge and experience he had acquired, mixed it with his talent, creativity, and organizational skills, and Marc Uravic Event Design was born!


We sat down to learn all about him… check it out!

What makes Marc Uravic Event Design Stand out next to companies like it?

The simple answer is me. I have a unique perspective on event design and production that is a result of my life and professional experiences. I draw from my back ground as a professional ballet dancer for a little theatricality. I take inspiration from books, movies, theater, design, architecture, travel, restaurants, and people to fuel my imagination. I have a love for food- and how food is integral to human celebrations- that was instilled in me by my large family and was honed in while working in catering.

I love a well-designed environment for a party and how it effects the guest experience, and have gained hands-on knowledge of how to execute these designs by working on the design, production, and set up crews to bring the visions to fruition. I love integrating all forms of entertainment, sometimes in different and unusual ways, into an overall event plan where each element supports and enhances the whole. I achieve my career satisfaction using this experience and imagination to fuel the creativity that makes events that I work on a reflection of my clients and their story.

Tell us about your favorite event you ever designed

My favorite event was a multi-day celebration for a client’s milestone birthday at The Lodge at Woodloch, a spa in Hawley, Pennsylvania. I loved that I got to design every aspect of the guests’ experience for multiple days for a large group of people. I got to personalize guest amenities- monogrammed bathrobes, hand written welcome notes, individualized spa and activity schedules, snacks and beverages with guests individual preferences in their rooms, etc.

I was able to brief the whole staff of the lodge with a “look book” for the guests so that they (mostly) knew everyone’s name upon arrival. I designed menus for every meal across the 3 days, including a welcome camp fire, a lunch served on top of a mountain during a hike, a gala dinner dance with 5-entree selection prepared à la minute, a tea menu, healthy snacks in the spa, a closing brunch, and individualized boxed lunches for the trip back home.

I also set up and ran the gamut of entertainment for the weekend with big bands, small bands, a magician, various spa treatments, tennis tournament, golf outing, bike ride, hike, and a late night water volley ball game/hot tub session. I even got to “Executive Produce” a humorous tribute film!

The gala dinner dance went until after 2 in the morning because the whole team and the guests were having the time of their lives. This event was epic and people are still talking about it many years later!

What motivates you to work hard?

The feeling that I get when every aspect of an event is flowing perfectly and the guests are having an amazing time.

What Wedding Trends are you Loving?

I am loving the trend towards making weddings more unique and less formulaic.

What Wedding Trends are you Ready to See Go Away?

I am ready to see the trend of napkins draped over the edge of dining tables in place settings go away forever. Seeing a table set like this sets me on edge. It looks like laundry hung out to dry.

Favorite Wedding Month?


What is your Best Advice for Potential Clients?

Always start with a guest list- in writing. Every decision you make in the process of planning an event will eventually intersect with the guest list.

What is your Favorite thing to do in Philadelphia?

Dine out at the amazing restaurants

What is your Zodiac Sign?


What is your Favorite Movie?

The Lion in Winter- the dialogue is amazing!

What is your Go-to at Karaoke?

No one in their right mind would ever let me perform karaoke in front of live humans or animals… but in my shower, my go to is any Celine Dion power ballad!

Do you play any instruments?

I have taken piano lessons in the past but my musical passion was always focused on classical ballet

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I can change the oil in my car.

If you could join any past or present music group, which would you want to join?

EBE LA Starz!

Show us some of your work!

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