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In the coming weeks, we’ll be unveiling “Stephanie’s Massive Guide to Hiring a Wedding Band” — a three-part series crafted from my extensive 25-year journey through the highs and lows of wedding festivities. This comprehensive guide is designed to ensure that when you say ‘I do’ to a band, it hits all the right notes. The first installment will explore the essential factors to weigh before booking — it’s the groundwork for setting the stage. The second part will arm you with key questions that warrant answers before you make your choice — think of it as your personal backstage pass to the band’s dynamics. Lastly, we’ll cap it off with strategic insights on getting the utmost value from your chosen musical maestros, making sure the soundtrack of your special day in Philadelphia, South Jersey, or wherever your love story unfolds, is nothing short of perfect. Stay tuned — this is one setlist you won’t want to miss.

Wedding Bands – Thoughts Prior To Booking– Part 1 Of 3

Music is undoubtedly one of the key highlights at any wedding. When it comes to creating that unforgettable ambiance, a live wedding band can truly elevate the experience. As you plan for the big day, selecting the right band is about more than just background music—it’s about finding the group that brings a vibe that’s infectious, a presence that’s felt, and a playlist that keeps the party going.

Band or DJ: Understanding the Investment

Yes, it’s true: hiring a live band will typically have a higher price tag than a DJ. And for good reason! A band brings a collective energy and showmanship that only a group of skilled musicians can. They invest hours into rehearsal, tune their instruments to perfection, and bring a level of performance that can make your wedding unforgettable. Remember, each member of that band is a professional, bringing years of practice and performance to your special day.

Watching the Performance Before the Big Day

Before you book, watch them play. This isn’t just about liking their music; it’s about seeing how they interact with their audience. Do they get people on their feet? Do they know how to keep the energy up? Videos of past performances can give you a good feel for what they’ll bring to your wedding.

Reading Reviews with a Discerning Eye

Reviews are gold when choosing your band—but it’s not just the star rating that counts. It’s about what’s behind those stars. Are there consistent mentions of a band that knows how to read the room and keep every guest, young and old, grooving? Or maybe they’re praised for being adaptable and playing tunes that span decades. If you see a theme that aligns with your vision, you might just have found your match.

Diverse Crowds Need Diverse Playlists

It’s essential to think about the variety of people you’ll have at your wedding. Your band needs to strike a balance, playing tunes that resonate across generations and backgrounds. Unlike a DJ with an endless library, bands have setlists. Choose a band whose repertoire spans a range of genres, ensuring that when it’s time to hit the dance floor, there’s something for everyone. Bands like Fiji and L.A. Starz are known for their dynamic performances and ability to cater to diverse audiences.

Specialty Bands for Specialty Music

If your wedding has a particular cultural theme, the music has to hit the right notes—sometimes literally. This is when you need a band that doesn’t just dabble in different genres, but specializes in the specific sounds and rhythms of your culture. They’ll bring an authenticity and expertise that can be the difference between a good time and a great time.

MC Style: The Voice of Your Wedding

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of the band’s MC. This person will be your wedding’s voice, narrating the evening’s flow. When you chat with the band, get a feel for the MC’s style. Are they energetic, smooth, commanding? Their approach to the mic can make a big difference in the feel of your wedding.

With these considerations in mind, finding the right wedding band becomes a clearer path. It’s about more than just filling the silence

Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Managing Partner & Wedding Entertainment Expert

Stephanie Fitzpatrick

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