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Lighting can instantly transform the look and feel of a space. In fact, the right lighting can set the tone at your wedding and make your guests feel welcomed into your big day and ready to party.

Here are five ways to use lighting at your wedding reception.

Colored lighting amplifies your wedding theme.

Perhaps one of the most important details at any wedding is the theme or color scheme you choose. Lighting can help boost that theme or scheme! Plus, EBE offers pattern lighting that can illuminate a personalized design on your wedding venue’s ceilings, dance floors, or walls. From leaf patterns to stars and even custom designs, patterned colored lighting can instantly make the appearance of your wedding venue feel more elaborate and modern.

Lighting can draw attention to the most essential parts of your wedding.

Couples spend hours choosing the intricate details of their special day. From the wedding cake to the gift table, sign-in book, and wedding party table, pinspotting can help draw attention to the most important aspects of your wedding reception. Pinspots focus a pin-sized ray of light onto the vital elements of your choice to make them really pop! You won’t have to worry about guests looking over any of these items or tables.

Uplighting can draw attention to the beauty of your wedding venue.

If you’re hosting your wedding reception at a historic venue or a location with intricate architecture, the proper lighting can magnify those features. Don’t pay all of that money to have your guests miss out on the beauty of the space! With uplighting, you can use light to illuminate your venue’s architecture or, if your wedding is outdoors, the entryways and other areas your guests need to see.

Lighting can amp up the party at your wedding.

Think back to the last time you were at a concert or club. There’s typically a light show involved that elevates the performance and energizes the space. The same goes for your wedding reception! The right lighting can make or break the vibe on the dance floor. Our lighting experts can use controlled LED fixtures to highlight the dance floor and draw in your guests for a night they won’t soon forget.

Downlighting can amplify the romance.

Typically, wedding venues turn down the general lighting during dinner. Often, those lights are left down for the remainder of the reception until your event is over. Downlighting can help combat the otherwise dim lighting at your wedding venue! EBE offers professional wedding reception lighting in Philadelphia that can help you re-light or enhance certain areas to bring attention to them.

For the best in wedding reception lighting in Philadelphia, trust EBE. When you are ready to decide the entertainment that will perform at your wedding, EBE is here to help. Learn more about our upcoming showcases.

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How to Light Up Your Wedding Reception with Logan Square DJs