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After saying “I do” to the love of your life, you want nothing more than to proudly display your relationship. What better way to showcase this than with the most monumental entrance to your wedding reception? After officially being announced as a married couple for the first time, a one-of-a-kind entrance is something you and your guests will surely remember long after the big day ends.

How can you make sure your wedding entrance stands out?

Choose A Significant Song

Music has the unmatched ability to change the mood in a room. Knowing this, be intentional with your song choice! Immediately set the tone for a high-energy night with an upbeat song everyone can sing and dance along to. Or, create a more reserved, sentimental moment by choosing a song with lyrics that resonate with you and your partner. Whatever you do, collaborating with your Philadelphia wedding band or DJ will be pivotal in shaping the moment to be exactly what you want it to be.

Choreograph Your Moves

If opting for a more lively song, take time to learn and practice some stylized moves for a choreographed entrance. Not only will rehearsing make for more moments of connection and shared memories between you and your love, but it will also be time well spent. Guests are always surprised and impressed when a couple can dance in synchronicity.

Include The Wedding Party

Rather than having each member of your wedding party select their own song or stage a personal entrance, do something together. Pick one meaningful song, and your bridal party can enter as a group right before you and yours come out as the grand finale. Then, embrace the few moments you have dancing and celebrating with the people who matter most to you at a moment that matters most to you — choreographed or freestyle! Coordinating in this way also helps to alleviate the stress often felt by wedding parties to come up with something original and undeniably adds cohesiveness to the roll call.

Change Your Outfit

Depending on how serious you are about getting down, it might be most practical (and impactful) to have an outfit change. Consider getting into something a bit more relaxed before the reception. For guys, this might be as simple as taking off your suit jacket and displaying those dapper suspenders. For gals, this may mean an entirely different dress with less length and more room to move. No matter how big or how small the wardrobe change, guests are sure to be surprised.

Add the Element of Surprise

Other ways to add surprise and, more importantly, enthusiastic participation is by including something like an intelligent lighting system, glowing sparklers, celebratory confetti, or a big balloon drop. Making the experience immersive and exciting for everyone is sure to make a lasting impression.

Wedding reception entrances don’t have to be boring! Make them memorable and fun when you incorporate one of these tips above. And when it’s time to decide about the entertainment that will perform at your wedding and help you achieve that special moment, EBE is here to help. Contact us today for more information about our DJs and live bands!

Creating a Memorable Grand Entrance: Best Wedding Bands in Philadelphia
Stephanie Fitzpatrick, Managing Partner & Wedding Entertainment Expert

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