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Are you planning a destination wedding? What about booking a block of rooms at a local hotel so your guests don’t have to travel home at the end of the night? No matter where you’re planning to have your wedding, welcome bags are a must if you have friends and family staying in a hotel. These bags are a great way to show appreciation to your guests for making the trip to your wedding and ensuring their stay at the hotel is as comfortable as possible.

Here are five must-have things you should include in your wedding welcome bag.

  1. A wedding itinerary. Maybe you have a wedding website with a wedding weekend (or day) itinerary on it, but not all of your guests will commit that to memory. Don’t forget to include a list of the events happening throughout the course of the day, from the ceremony to when the wedding band comes on and everything in between. It’s helpful to include times and addresses as well. Providing these details gives your guests a better idea of where you’ll be and where they should be throughout the day. You can also include a list of approved contacts guests can reach out to with questions! A point of contact is helpful, so the couple doesn’t get an influx of texts asking where to park, who is playing at the wedding, etc.
  1. A QR code to a curated playlist. For your technology proficient guests, include a QR code that links to a Spotify playlist they can listen to while getting ready for the celebration. Include songs that mean something to you and your partner as well as your guests. Think concerts you’ve attended, bands that your family loves, and the songs that bring you back to a weekend away with friends. You can also include a few songs that tease your reception, like a single from the Philadelphia wedding band you hired to play or your Philadelphia wedding DJ’s most requested song!
  1. A heartfelt thank you. You’ll be sending out thank you cards to every guest after the fact, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing an additional thank you to the guests who may have traveled far and wide to be with you on your big day. Use stationery printer paper or whatever medium you choose, but the note itself should be hand-written and customized to each guest for the most impact.
  1. Custom snacks. Whether it’s a food you and your partner enjoy or something regional to the area you’re getting married in, snacks are always in order when it comes to wedding welcome bags. Providing food gives your guests something to nosh on while they get ready or enjoy after returning to their room between the ceremony and reception. For Philadelphia weddings, Tastykakes or Peanut Chews are a perfect addition. It also doesn’t hurt to include water in your welcome bags for after the reception!
  1. Hangover helpers. The next day can be rough for some of your guests. In addition to water bottles, consider adding mini packets of Advil or Tylenol to help with morning headaches. You can also include single packets of liquid IV to give guests an extra boost of electrolytes. You do want everyone to make it to breakfast if they can!

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5 Items to Include in Your Wedding Welcome Bags Tips from Top-Rated Wedding DJs in Philadelphia