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When building a recipe for a delicious meal, a chef will make sure all ingredients are fresh, balanced in flavor, and compliment each other. If one of the ingredients is off in some way, it can change or ruin the entire dish. The same can be said for writing a wedding toast, which is typically done by the best man and/or maid of honor. We’ve put together some tips to help you write a toast that is as deliciously great as the wedding cake.

Where to Begin

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is the first few sentences. There are different ways to start off your toast, with the most basic as introducing yourself to the wedding guests. How do you know the wedded couple? Childhood friends? Did you meet in college or at work? Share some background to your relationship. An alternative is to simple intros is to share how you feel about the couple and what they mean to you.

Tell Stories & Make A Few Jokes

Any stories from the past should be light hearted and have a bit of whimsy. Stay away from embarrassing tales or sad times. Guests love hearing stories from the couple’s past that they may not have heard before. Did you all go on a trip somewhere and something hilarious happened? What about a story from college that ended on a positive note? Guests will enjoy seeing another side of the couple that they may not have known.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Speech

If at all possible, practice your speech repeatedly to memorize it so you don’t have to rely on cue cards. Not only will guests focus on your speech instead of watching you fumble with cards or your phone, but it will also sound more authentic and from the heart. That said, a speech that is written down is always better than making it up as you go!

Don’t Write A Novel

Although the wedding toast is a key part of a reception, it shouldn’t be a filibuster. Keep the toast to 3-4 minutes on average. If others are speaking, you may need to shorten it up a bit more.

Don’t Drink & Speak

Wedding cocktails are usually offered well in advance of the wedding toast. Try to limit your alcohol to avoid giving the speech on unsteady feet or slurred words.

To Finish

Raise your glass to the room, give the guests and couple a nod, and then take a sip of your drink. You’re all done!A great wedding toast can leave a lasting impression on the couple, so take the time to honor the couple in the best way possible during your speech. We hope these tips helped you build the perfect recipe for your wedding toast. We would love to hear all about it, so contact us today!

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