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We are passionately dedicated to great music, packed dance floors, and happily ever afters!

Meet The Team

Steve Meranus, ext. 101


Mike Gendler, ext. 102


Matt Ostroff, ext. 115

Entertainment Consultant

Jonathan Harwood, ext. 114

Entertainment Consultant

Joel Aaron, ext. 118

Entertainment Consultant

Ben Ostroff, ext. 106

Entertainment Consultant

Brian Lizzi, ext. 121

Entertainment Consultant

Joe Napoli, ext. 122

Director of Business Development

Tara Buchanan Glick, ext. 108

Director of Operations & Production

Steph Fitzpatrick, ext. 111

Talent Coordinator

Elaine Igoe, ext. 116

Entertainment Consultant/Event Planner

Nick D’Errico, ext. 117

Multimedia Department Director

Jae Heydet-Sosa, ext. 123

Social Media & Logistics Manager

Chris Michalski, ext. 133

Audio/Visual Director

Katrina Osnoe, ext. 119

Director of Client Relations

Jackie Tomaszewski, ext. 104

Front Desk

Joanne McBride, ext. 131

Event Coordinator

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