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How to Find a Venue for your Corporate Event

Finding the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Event

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Putting together a corporate event is not a small feat. You can be throwing an intimate get together with corporate partners where the goal is to let loose with the boys, or the purpose of the event may be networking on a large scale where it’s all business.

When you live in a large city, it’s easy to throw a corporate event that fits just what it is you are trying to accomplish. From Go Kart racing to schmoozing outside on the patio at an upscale hotel, there are plenty of venues to set the mood for your corporate event.

Starting small, a popular corporate get together is to do a fun activity together, like bowling or Go Kart Racing. The goal here is to let off steam, meet some other people outside of your department, and have a good time. This is really good for company morale, because those that play together work together better. It is proven that once office mates, and people from the same office park, get to know one another, more conversation happens. When more conversation happens, ideas grow. That is good for the company. People, no matter what age, love to act like children every once in a while. When you feel like a child, you loosen up and talk to people you normally wouldn’t. This is, however, a great idea for the young, hard workers at desk jobs in big companies.

If the event calls for fun, but on a larger scale, there are many options. There is always the club route. There are even clubs that offer superior audio-visual capabilities for companies that want to share project videos, show pictures from past events, or promote their own agendas all while sipping on drinks and dancing. If a club is too loud and the corporate event calls for a bit more of a sophisticated vibe, rooftop lounges are very popular. It is easy to rent out a rooftop lounge on the top of a hotel and it allows for the same club feel without the loud music reverberating off the walls. It also provides a calming view and cocktails, so you get a mood that fosters mingling with others. Here at the Warehouse at EBE, we can provide the best of both worlds. Our Warehouse is designed for you to feel as though you are renting your own private night club, while our roof deck offers stunning views of the Delaware River and the Ben Franklin Bridge.

For the large corporate event there are lots that can be rented out. These lots are the perfect canvas for setting your own corporate theme. Usually these lots are around 4000 square feet and can accommodate a lot of people. It offers great options for lighting, catering, and photo opportunities. This can be a great place to hire a band, a magic show, or some form of entertainment since there is so much room to work with. These venues tend to be used by people who want to transform it. You get a warehouse feel but with insulation, heat, and good lighting. High ceilings and wide open floor space welcome a happy group of people to a large party. It has that artist vibe but with out all of the art.

However, when a cultural element is needed, there are always art galleries, museums, and even a cultural center. Depending on the guests, you can tailor that even more to a specific place, like an auto museum. All three of our local sports venues offer great event space, so they are certainly worthy of checking out too. People love to be in places where they can look around and discuss what they see. It is a great icebreaker and for the more mellow, formal crowd, a nice evening out.

For the fancy events, there are several manor homes that are now being rented out for private events. There are places on a beach that can be rented out, so you can sip your martini and watch the sunset. Another option is to book your function in one of the downtown spaces with event space on the thirtieth floor or above. When your guests are watching the lights twinkle in the surrounding buildings, they will appreciate the unique opportunity to view the city from such a unique vantage point.

One last location to consider is the great outdoors. Sometimes an outdoor event can be a wonderful respite from the confining walls of corporate life. It can be a formal, catered event with tables and a band, bocce ball, and croquette. Or, it can be a family friendly event where big blow up jumping houses and clowns with balloons are there to entertain while you mingle with adults. No matter what your corporate events, there are venues to fulfill that idea you have of the perfect party.

At the Warehouse at EBE, we have hosted many corporate functions that gave definition to the term “business before pleasure!” Imagine a setting where you have the space to first hold your corporate meetings/information sessions, then break for lunch and conclude with the EBE Game Show. This is an unbelievable team-building activity where you can reinforce everything you had just taught your employees, but in an incredibly fun environment. The keyword again is team-building, because the camaraderie that will exist cannot be beat!

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah

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The Bar Mitzvah is a joyous Jewish celebration where the young man is celebrated as he comes into the age of accountability. As a boy turns 13, he is celebrated with this Jewish rite of passage ceremony and is surrounded by his loved ones, family and friends on this special day and this special occasion. The Bar Mitzvah celebration is geared towards the boy while the Bat Mitzvah celebration is geared towards the girl.

Planning the best Bar Mitzvah celebration is going to depend on what the likes or dislikes the honoree may have, the budget for the celebration, where the event will be held and what gifts or accolades will be bestowed upon the honoree.

Choose a Facility

The first thing to do in planning the Bar Mitzvah is to decide on where to hold the party. It may be held at the synagogue, but it’s going to be very important to secure whichever facility well in advance so that you’re assured that you’ll have the best place to celebrate this special time. Most synagogues assign Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates when the child enters fourth grade, so you should have ample time to find and book the venue that will be perfect for you.

Outfit for the Occasion

Purchasing the Bar Mitzvah boy’s suit is almost as much of a rite of passage for the parents as the Bar Mitzvah itself is for the boy. Fortunately, there are still many great clothiers in the area who specialize in this. Of course, you can always go to one of the major formal wear chains or a department store in the mall. Don’t forget that this is a Bar Mitzvah, though, and that there is more involved than just purchasing a suit. Make sure that you secure his first tallis (Jewish prayer shawl) and do this in a sufficient amount of time so there aren’t any surprises as the Bar Mitzvah approaches. Oftentimes parents will order custom yarmulkes that commemorate the day, so remember these too.

Food, Drinks

Food and drinks for a Bar Mitzvah ceremony will likely be party style food, along with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Make sure your reception venue has a liquor license, enough so that they are at least able to serve alcohol as many adults at the reception will want to consume alcoholic beverages. The food will likely consist of culture specific style foods and/or any food items that the Bar Mitzvah honoree likes and wants to have for his special day. In the case with the foods and drinks, it may also be a good idea to secure the services of a caterer or food service company to help with preparing and serving the food, especially if there are going to be a lot of people in attendance.


The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is likely going to be controlled by the Rabbi and Cantor at they synagogue, unless you are doing your own private ceremony at the reception hall, where you will need to rent your own. If that is the case for you, you are in luck in that there are many reputable Rabbis to hire in the area. In either case, do not be shy if there are any specific details you want to make sure are included. It might even be a good idea to design your own short checklist to make sure that everything is done as it should be. Also, check with your Rabbi to make sure the young man’s attire and accessories are correct, placed correctly, and to ensure there are not items missing that will be needed.


Gifts for the honoree are up to the invited guests to determine what to give, but you can always give suggestions on items that he would like to receive. For instance, electronic items are always a hit and always a welcomed item. Anything like iPods, iPads, laptop computers, speakers or DVD players are a good idea. The Bar Mitzvah young man would probably also like to get things like video games, gift cards for their favorite game store or cash gifts as well. If you do give the young man cash gifts, be sure to do so in increments of 18. Eighteen is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word Chai, which means “life.” Since this is such a defining moment in a young Jewish boy’s life, this is the traditional amount given. Always account for your entire family when giving any gift, because you want to give a gift that reflects how many of you are coming.


The ceremony is over and now it is time to party! What entertainment should you choose for the reception? What kind of reception are you envisioning? Some people just like an elegant luncheon, while others want a bash that rivals Times Square on New Year’s Eve. As with choosing your venue, you have the time to find exactly what is the right fit for you and your family. However, don’t wait too long because if there is a specific band or DJ that you “have to have,” the longer you wait to book the more you run the risk that someone will snatch them up before you. At EBE, we have the right entertainment for every budget. This not only of course includes our talented bands and DJs, but our event enhancements, which are sure to kick your party up a few notches to the next level.

As the newly bestowed Bar Mitzvah honoree is celebrating with his family, friends and loved ones, it’s also worth noting that this is a time of fun and light-hearted celebration as well. After the ceremonial part is over, the partying will begin in earnest and with EBE as your entertainment source, everyone in attendance is sure to have a joyous time.

Table Number Ideas

Inspired Table Numbers

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I love the idea of going for fun, inventive table numbers to help your guests find their way to their seats. If you get creative, your table numbers can become part of the decoration, or even be the centerpiece on their own. With a little inspiration, your table numbers won’t just be informative pieces… they’ll save you a bundle on flowers and make great take-home treats as well!

Above are some fantastic pictures I found to get those creative juices flowing:

The first is a fantastic idea from Wedding Bee. It is right up my fear-of-sewing alley! Modge-podge your table numbers with fabric and then hot glue gun like crazy.

Next, Martha Stewart knows her stuff. Usually she has me in a cold sweat panic over her perfect crafts, but it seems to me that adding photos of the happy couple holding their table numbers are fool-proof!

Finally, chalkboard table numbers like the ones featured on Pretty Entertaining have become quite trendy these days and rightfully so – it’s the perfect way to combine creativity that’s both decorative and easy on the budget. You can find self-standing boards like these for a very reasonable price, or place inside a small picture frame to list the individual guests on place cards.

No matter how you decide to display your table numbers, remember there are no wrong choices. Just find a fun, stress-free project and enjoy showing off your funky side!