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March 2011

Kimbery & Justin’s Wedding

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As parents of a bride that live over 1,000 miles away, our wedding journey began with the thought of We Need Help…And how lucky were we to select the individual that not only took this journey with us but held our hand up to and including the day of our wedding. Elaine Igoe, our planner, our wedding angel and our friend. She fit into our family like a glove. Her thoughts and ideas were right on. She arranged for meetings with all the vendors in 1 short weekend trip. She planned, arranged, advised, laughed and cried with us. She became a personal shopper and delivery service when we realized a few days before the wedding that we forgot our wine table service. I could go on and on, but once you meet her, you will simply feel that you too must work with her. I would have to say that Elaine was probably one of the most valuable pieces of this wedding and that we could not have done it without her. Thank you Elaine, we will remain in contact forever

The Reich Family

Rebecca & Daniel’s Wedding

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EBE was an amazing place to partner with for my wedding. We hired a band (Barcelona) and a wedding coordinate (Elaine) from this company and never looked back. People are still raving about what a fun time they had dancing the night away and nobody in my bridal party had to worry for a moment about things going smoothly because we knew Elaine was there. Totally worth the financial investment to go with an EBE band and if you can swing it, a wedding coordinator!

– Rebecca & Daniel