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    In today's economy, every dollar has to work twice as hard for your charitable organization. Although it may seem counter intuitive to hire a planner, our party professionals actually work to save you money.

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Our exclusive partnerships throughout the Philadelphia social event community help us link you to vendors that are aligned with your cause and can provide you with services at reduced fees. In addition, EBE’s comprehensive roster of in-house planning and entertainment services gives you the convenience of planning your entire event in one place – helping your budget reach the stars.

Relying on your internal staff to plan a major event can tie up valuable resources and time while also taking them away from performing other important tasks for your organization. Your event is a crucial tool for energizing, educating and emotionally moving your patrons to take action. A successful event also promotes attendance year after year.

Let EBE’s creative event planners simplify the process and create an event that enhances your message and theme while allowing you to relax, enjoy your event and take advantage of networking opportunities.

Planning Services

Venue Coordination

  • Identify options and finalize venue for the event.
  • Negotiate fees, review Food and Beverage proposal.
  • Review and approve Contract and present for execution.
  • Create and present floor plans for your approval. Create final plan for all vendors.
  • Schedule load in and out times for each vendor. If load in is allowed a day early, ensure there is a secured area for the items.
  • Inform venue of information related to any items being delivered directly to them.
  • Provide all vendor power needs to venue to ensure all can be accommodated.
  • Have scheduled meetings with venue to meet with lead staff assigned to the event to ensure we understand roles, approve the timeline and flow and ensure all contracted services are ready for execution.
  • Keep venue informed of changes/removals/additions to the event.
  • Provide venue with total Guest count by date stated on Contract.
  • Assume role of venue contact person.
  • Ensure green room is set per rider requirements.

Vendor Management

  • Present recommendations to you for any vendors required for the event such as Photographers, Videographers, Décor, Lighting, Promotions, Printing, Entertainment, Transportation etc.
  • Meet with any individuals you would like to hire to run a specific element of the event and determine if they are suitable before approving.
  • Present pictures, videos and visuals to you so you can make decisions or schedule and conduct in-person meetings.
  • Negotiate fees to get as low as possible so you can make the maximum profit for the event. Try to find vendors that believe in your cause.
  • Retain a copy of all executed Contracts/Riders to validate vendors perform accordingly.
  • Validate that each vendor is prepared to execute event per Contract.
  • Manage all vendors leading up to and on the day of event.

Planning Details

  • Create an overall timeline with checklist of what tasks need to be completed at what time prior to the event.
  • Assist with creating an overall budget.
  • Create a spreadsheet of total costs per vendor, deposit due dates and final balance dates.
  • Inform you of times when the planner is not available and schedule meetings and calls to provide updates.
  • Collaborate with you on ideas for enhancing the event.
  • Ensure event marketing plan is deployed properly.
  • Review and provide feedback on the look of the marketing pieces.
  • Create an event timeline.
  • Create an event contact sheet to contain all lead staff names and cell phone numbers.
  • Assist with ensuring all items are completed as per overall event task timeline.
  • Assume the role of the lead person for each Committee lead person and have consistent communication with them to know the status of their area such as auction, tickets sales, etc. Attend meetings with committee as needed.
  • Assist with developing and making come alive the theme of the event.
  • Conduct a final walk through with all lead vendors/staff involved.

On-site Coordination

  • Arrive prior to the first vendor to ensure all are on time.
  • Act as point person for all vendors, including the venue.
  • Validate vendors set up per floor plan and execute per the terms of their contract.
  • Handle and manage any last minute concerns.
  • Manage the silent auction and ensure the headliner is well taken care of as per the rider.
  • Ensure event flows per timeline and you have a successful event.
  • Ensure all vendors depart seamlessly with no damage to the venue.

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